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Information for Panel Convenors

For the panels accepted by the Academic Committee, it is the responsibility of the panel convener(s) to:

While it is recognised that the content of any panel is dependent upon the selected papers and their overall quality, the Academic Committee asks all panel conveners to take due consideration of gender and diversity balance in their panel sessions.

Things to keep in mind

EASAS membership required. Please note that all panel conveners must be EASAS members at the time of submission. (Join here: At least one of the convenors must be based at an European institiution.

One panel and paper per conference. Due to the ‘competition for time’ within such a conference, colleagues are allowed to convene no more than one panel and present only one paper during the conference. This does not prevent potential participants from making several proposals, but in the case of multiple acceptances the convener and/or panelist will be asked to choose only one.

Due to some delays caused by the change in the EASAS membership registration procedure, the submission has been extended to November 24, 2019 (midnight UTC). EASAS members can then submit paper proposals to the selected panels.

If you experience any troubles during the registration or submission processes or have general queries, please do not hesitate and contact us at

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna in 2020!

Martin Gaenszle and Birgit Kellner (Conveners)
Danuta Stasik (EASAS President)