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ECSAS2020 in the light of COVID-19 > ECSAS2021

Unfortunately ECSAS2020 will have to be postponed to 2021. It will take place from 26 to 29 July 2020. Convenors and presenters can find the informations needed at this point in our ECSAS2021 Special Circular. Further infos will be made available in the coming and weeks.

ECSAS2020/ECSAS2021: Cancellation of booked flights

Those of you who have already booked flights for ECSAS2020 will have to contact their respective travel agencies or carriers and inquire for a reimbursment (which you will be eligible for only in chase of flight cancellation) or a voucher/rebooking. The rebooking policy of Austrian Airlines, our official conference carrier, can be found »here«.

Communication between Convenors and Panel Participants

Panel Convenors can use our online panel management tool to contact their respective panel participants (both individually and in bulk).

Email Support

If the information provided on our website and the FAQ-section below does not answer your questions please contact for questions and problems concerning the ECSAS2020 conference or our submission/registration system.
Contact for questions and problems concerning EASAS membership (status, payment, membership number).

EASAS Membership

You can become an EASAS member here:

EASAS members already possessing a membership number can check their payment status and pay their membership fees if still needed at

Publisher’s Space

ECSAS2020 welcomes all renowned publishers form all fields related to South Asian Studies to come and join us. Check our publisher’s section for detailed information on our marketing packages.

Check back for regular updates!