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Dear Conveners and Presenters,

thank you for your reply to our last circular and the announcement of your preferred participation (online or in person) in the upcoming ECSAS conference. Based on your feedback, we decided that the 26th ECSAS conference in Vienna will be hosted as an online event from 26 -29 July 2021, with the possibility to take part in a few selected hybrid panels and join the conference on site. A list of the respective panels will soon be announced on the website.

In light of continuing travel restrictions, we consider the virtual format the best solution for all conveners and participants to gather and access the event from their countries without constraints and concerns about health issues. But we also want to accommodate the wish of some colleagues to meet in person, and therefore we plan to provide safe conference space, as far as possible under current conditions.

The conference will be mainly organised via Zoom, using the secure licenses of Vienna University and providing also opportunities for informal virtual meetings, including casual breaks and joint side events for entertainment. We will send detailed access instructions and further advice on technical and practical requirements in due course to secure a smooth e-event.

##Online participation

An online event of this size involves a great deal of organizational and technical effort, we therefore also have to charge registration fee:

Registration for online participation will be open from mid-May onwards.

On-site participation

There is still some uncertainty about the regulatory requirements for on-site scientific events in summer, but we are optimistic that a safe gathering will be possible by taking all necessary precautions (this is likely to include testing, wearing of FFP2 masks, keeping a distance).

Due to the current situation, there will be no social events, except one open-air reception, but we will provide lunch and coffee breaks.

Registration fee:

Registration for on-site participation will be open from mid-May onwards.

We regret that this year we cannot provide bursaries for young researchers, but we encourage everybody to take the advantage of joining the conference online

We also regret that we cannot finance cancellation and re-booking fees, in case an on-site participation will not be possible due to Covid-19-pandemic restrictions. Please make sure to book your travel accordingly.

Panel Organisation

In the next few days we will review the panels on our website and remove the abstracts of those colleagues who unfortunately had to cancel their participation. Please contact us if there are any other necessary changes. All panel conveners are requested to submit the proposed programme of their panels - i.e., the proposed sequence of papers - before 30 May 2021 by e-mail to , with a clear indication of the time zones of all participants. We will take this into consideration when finalizing the programme in the course of June

Please keep in mind that the 26th ECSAS requires EASAS membership.

We are looking forward to this special and challenging new format of our biannual meeting and we wish you all the best in the meantime: stay safe and healthy!

The Conveners and Organising Committee